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Philadelphia Eagles, Mandt Media Provide Immersive Playoff Content

Sport Techie 01/19/2018

College Football Playoff Jumps On Augmented Reality Push In Sports

Sports Business Chronicle 01/08/2018

College Football Playoff App Launches With Augmented Reality Features

SportTechie 01/05/2018

Machine Learning, AR, VR, and the Future of Sports

Sports Video News 11/20/2017

Intel, Mandt Execs Discuss VR Livestreaming’s Potential For Brands

[a]List Daily 10/30/2017

IndyCar Series to test drive VR

SBJ 10/09/2017

Norman Pattiz introduces New Podcastone 360-Degree Videos and Interactive Features 08/29/2017

VR can be a mainstream tech — but it’s not ready yet

Venture Beat 08/08/2017

Preparing for the Future of Augmented Reality Marketing: 5 Truths Business Owners Need to Know

Huffington Post 08/04/2017

Gordon Whitener is Knoxville’s man in (virtual) Hollywood

Knoxville Mercury 06/09/2017

Interview with MANDT VR

Virtual Reality Observer 06/07/2017

MANDT VR is a Bright Star That’s Pushing the Industry Forward 05/31/2017

International Hip Hop Dance Competition Steps Into Virtual Reality 04/27/2017

This Week In VR Sport: MANDT VR And College Football Playoff And The NBA’s Phoenix Suns Further Utilise VR 04/15/2017

MANDT VR And Hip Hop International Partnership Takes Center Stage

Yahoo! 03/16/2017

MANDT VR expands Executive Team

[a]List Daily 03/10/2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Focus on 360 Audio

Story Hunter 02/28/2017

The Real Deal

Angeleno Magazine 02/21/2017

How VR Can Build Empathy and Understanding

Huffington Post 02/06/2017

Lax Sports Network, MANDT VR Enable Fans To Experience The Major League Lacrosse Faceoff

Sport Techie 01/20/2017

Pittsburgh Steelers Providing All-Access Virtual Reality Pass To Fans

Sports Illustrated 01/13/2017

This Week in VR Sports: NFL Uses VR For Referees, MANDT VR Joins Forces with the Pittsburgh Steelers & NextVR Arrives on Daydream

VR Focus 01/07/2017

A Look Ahead: Experts Discuss How VR Will Grow In 2017

[A]List Daily 01/04/2017

Inside Forbes: We’re Kicking Off 2017 By Embracing The Next Wave Of Media Realities

Forbes 01/03/2017

MANDT VR and Freeform Labs Join Forces to Bring “Craftmas” to Steam

Gamasutra 12/27/2016

A Visit to the New Frontier of VR: 360° of Tom Green

Cinema 5D 12/21/2016

How MANDT VR Captured The Magic of Disney’s Holiday Celebration

[A]List Daily 12/01/2016

Logan links up with Whitener, will oversee revenue across companies including Bespoke, Mandt VR

Sports Business Journal 11/28/2016

MANDT VR lets you experience the Disney parks’ holiday events anytime, anywhere

Disney Examiner 11/28/2016

MANDT VR To Bring Exclusive 360-Degree Content To “The Wonderful World Of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration” On ABC

Yahoo Finance 11/22/2016

How MANDT VR is pioneering Serialized Content

Alist Daily .com 11/09/2016

The Nebulous State of College Football Technology 11/08/2016

Content Companies to Watch 11/07/2016

Oklahoma State football changing game with virtual recruiting help from MANDT VR

Sports Illustrated 11/04/2016

The Depths Brings Terror in 360-Degree VR! Watch the series and Go Behind the Scenes 10/31/2016

Companies Like Oculus Making Money off Virual Reality 10/27/2016

VR Production Innovator Taps New Talent

VR Journal 10/17/2016

VR Start-Up Adds to Executive Team

Broadcast & Cable 10/10/2016

MANDT VR Premieres 5 360-Degree Video Projects, Including One by Adam Corolla

Upload 09/19/2016

Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation to Launch Virtual Reality Experience

Aviation Press 09/13/2016
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